The Seed Shop need more seeds!
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The Plant Heritage Seed Shop needs your seeds!

We realise that it may not be the best time of year to ask, but please consider donating seeds from your Collection or garden to the ever popular Seed Shop. This raises funds for Plant Heritage at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show every year, and is one of the big draws of the marquee. The seeds should be carefully labelled as to what they are or what plant they have come from (e.g. Genus species  or ex-Genus species 'Cultivar' and so-on). It goes without saying that the seed should be from plants that are yours, and have the requisite paperwork if required.

You can send donations to
Mrs June James
Newnham Edge
Tylney Lane
Hampshire RG27 9AJ

or National Office. 

Please make it clear if they are seeds from your National Plant Collection, as we would wish to show this on the packet. It gives them a lot more cachet with the general public.
As ever, thank you so much for your support.

best wishes

Plant Heritage staff team


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